Portable Middle Pressure Assistant Air Spray Gun

Portable Middle Pressure Assistant Air Spray Gun

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1.Save the massive coatings cost, compared to the normal air spray gun can save the about 40% coating quantity.

2.Saving the spray time also can be achieved fast spraying effect.

3.Atomized well, to improve the shortcoming of high pressure airless type spray gun atomize, has fast and high efficiency merit.


1.Wooden furniture sealer and top coat

2.Mechanical plate work painting

3.Strip shape painting

4.Frame painting

5.Thick painting spraying



Portable Middle Pressure Assistant Air Spray Gun

Nozzle choice way:

  EX:X X X

        A   B

   A = Spray breadth

   B = Nozzle bore

   117 = 10˚   Nozzle bore: 0.17 m/m

   213 = 20˚   Nozzle bore: 0.13 m/m

   315 = 30˚   Nozzle bore: 0.15 m/m

   407 = 40˚   Nozzle bore: 0.07 m/m 

Paint inlet size 1/4″ PS ( m )
Air Inlet Size 1/4″ PS ( m )
Max Air Pressure 5.5bar
Max Paint Pressure 140bar
Atomize Assisted Air Pressure 0~4bar
Connect of fluid Material 304#stainless. Teflon
Net Weight 592g
Temperture Range 4.4~70℃
Filter 60# , 80# , 100# , 150# ,200#
*All specification and design characteristics shown in this catalogue are subject to change without prior notice


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