Portable Air Atomization Spray Gun W-71P

Portable Air Atomization Spray Gun W-71P

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1.Ease of operation, Services easily.

2.Suits the production line use.

3.The painting condition hypothesis is simple.

4.The structure is simple, cleans fast.


1.For the wooden furniture , metal ,  plastics , leather liquid coating.

2.Can use in the color paint, sealer , top coat spray. Save paint, spray even, high atomizing.



Portable Air Atomization Spray Gun W-71P

Air cap E-type Silver Uses in the big width breadth , can use to paint cup or pump, the atomizing effect is worse.

suitable for sealer painting.

M-type Blue The width breadth is smaller, can for paint cup or pump, the atomizing effect is good.
N-type Stainless color Only use to the paint pressure (as pump or paint tank),its atomizing effect surpasses M-TYPE.
Body W-71P
Air cap E-Type
Fluid supply type G.P.S  (G=Gravity / P=Pressure / S = Suction)
Bore of nozzle 1.0 , 1.3 , 1.5 , 1.8 mm
Paint cup 1000 cc/ 600 cc
Gravity 150 cc / 250 cc / 400 cc.
Air inlet size 1/4″PS(m)
Paint inlet size 1/4″PS(m)
Paint pressure 4 kg/cm ²
Spray flow 1 ~ 450 cc/min
Max air pressure 7 kg/cm ²
Adj. width breadth 50 ~ 250 mm
Automizing pressure 2~4 kg/cm ²
Air consumption 80 ~ 280 L/min
Material of gun Aluminum/Copper
Material of nozzle & tip SUS304
Net weight 460g
Gun size L190 * W140 mm
*All specification and design characteristics shown in this catalogue are subject to change without prior notice

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