Fluid Convey Gear Pump

Fluid Convey Gear Pump

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1.A fixed volume of paint or fluid can be set for the delivery purpose,with the combination use of motor and converter will generates the best outcome.

2.For special paint or fluid, K-pump can be customized accordingly.

     Pump Size



Fluid Convey Gear Pump

Paint outlet size 3/8″ pt ( f )
Paint inlet size 3/8″ pt ( f )
Temperature range 5-70 ℃
Max rotation speed 250 RPM
Material SKD11
Pump size 0.4cc  131 x 64mm  1.6 kg
0.5cc  131 x 64mm  1.6 kg
1.5cc  137 x 64mm   1.7 kg3cc     143 x 64mm   1.85kg

5cc     155 x 64mm   2.05kg

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