Bell Air Motor CBL-14

Bell Air Motor CBL-14

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1.The coating after the bell high speed revolving and the static electricity pelletizing, Enables the surface coating to achieve high-quality film with high adhesion rate, can save a lot of paint.

2.Can paint work piece of the big plane and strip-shaped.

3.The coating capacity and pattern can be adjusted with piece of demand, can digitize manages and operates easily.

4.Maintenance is easy, the air motor and the H.V electricity can be separated fast and maintains.

5.Using ceramic beads material can more increase the rotational speed.


Application the equipment is apply to fluid electrostatic coasting for wooden-furniture ,metal part ,bicycle part ,chair ,curtain wall ,sound-insulated wall ,aluminum extrusion ,steel structure ,car of cover ,machine panel-beating or frame spraying.


Bell Air Motor

Dia. of bell 30mm , 60mm
Max. Rotational Speed 50000rpm
Operation Voltage 0-60KV
Shaping Air Consumption 20-500Nl/min
Rotary Air Consumption 100-1000Nl/min
Paint Fluid      0-300cc/min
Size 100×500mmL(Including spray head)
Weight 2.63kg(Including spray head)
*All specification and design characteristics shown in this catalogue are subject to change without prior notice


Table Of CBL-14 Bell R.P.M.

Air pressure No-Load BellΦ30mm BellΦ60mm
1kg/cm2 13,700rpm 13,000rpm 10,000rpm
1.5kg/cm2 22,000rpm 21,000rpm 18,000rpm
2kg/cm2 32,000rpm 32,000rpm 26,000rpm
2.5kg/cm2 38,000rpm 38,000rpm 33,000rpm
3kg/cm2 44,800rpm 43,000rpm 38,000rpm
3.5kg/cm2 50,000rpm 49,000rpm 42,600rpm
4kg/cm2 54,700rpm 53,000rpm 47,000rpm


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