Air Auto Spray Gun ASN-100

Air Auto Spray Gun ASN-100

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1.All parts coming into contact with materials are manufactured of stainless steel.

2.Special airflow design, reduce air pressure, save paints.

3.Even and symmetrical spray shape can form fine and flat painting surface.

4.Wear-resisting part design, seldom exchange after long time use.


1.For the wooden furniture , metal ,  plastics , leather liquid coating.

2.Can use in the color paint, sealer , top coat spray. Save paint, spray even, high atomizing.


Air Auto Spray Gun ASN-100

Paint inlet size 1/4″ PS ( m )
Paint return size 1/4″ PS ( m )
Max. air pressure 7 kg/ cm2
Air. Consumption 220 ~ 260 L /mm
Spray breadth 190 ~ 230 mm
Max. fluid output 150 ~ 250 m l/min
Max. transfer efficiency 74 %
Max. Paint pressure 5 kg/cm2
Bore of nozzle 0.8/ 1.1/ 1.4 mm
Weight 745 g
Gun size L170* W 44 mm
*All specification and design characteristics shown in this catalogue are subject to change without prior notice

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