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Servo type high-speed finger joint system

Carriage move speed: 45M/85M 5 cycles/min

(Calculated by Vertical/working size: 23mm x 50mm)

Standard maximum performance: 130pcs/min

Optional: Increase relate equipment maximum

Performance can reach 6 cycles 156pcs/min



NAT-620 Features:

NAT series are for marketing demand, they are created under the SAT main system structure, Economic Servo Type High-speed Finger Joint System. There are various performance accessories in this system. After modification is completed, it can also reach to the effectiveness of SAT system nearly.

Specification / Configuration 150(120) mm ~ 800 mm
Working length 25 mm ~100(150)mm
Working width 15(12) mm ~ 75 mm
Working thickness 48 M/min 48 M/min
Vertical type capacity 25 x 60 x 400 28.8 M/min 48 M/min
Horizontal type capacity 22 x 50 x 350 620 mm
Shaper’s table width 18.75 KW (22.5KW/S)
Power of finger spindle 5.625 KW / S (11.25KW/S)
Power of cut-off saw 1.5 KW
Power of scoring saw Servo 2.0KW (2.9KW)
Power of table movement 6 / min
Shaper max. cycle speed Single liquid type injection spreader
Glue spreader type
Shaper wood cutting monitoring device
Shaper abnormal detection system o
Pneumatic high – speed solenoid valve o
Safety fence device 6.2 M
Finger assembler working length 5.625 KW
Power of feeding inverter 37.5 KW (7.5KW)
Power of hydraulic pump 3.75 KW
Power of cut-off saw 8
Assembler max. working cycle
Auto cut-length setting device
Assembler abnormal detection system                                                         o
6.5M chain type pre-joint feeding system
Servo fully auto flipper device
Infinite finger joint  assembler machine
*All specification and design characteristics shown in this catalogue are subject to change without prior notice

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