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Especially ideal for reclamation of short wood waste. A unique cutting capacity – As short as 8cm!

Turn your wood waste into usable material.

This machine is designed for easy cutting of short stock, creating value out of wood waste.

The unit can also cut long stock.


*The rail exclusively designed to avoid damaging the wood.

*Pressure rolls, supported on both sides, hold stock stably and evenly.

*Entire head mechanism features powered raising and lowering.

*Variable feed speed permits the cutting of a variety of stock, hard or soft, thick or thin.

*Double top and single bottom anti-kickback fingers, plus a side guard, provide perfect safety for the operator.

*Double-side suspension supported pressure plate. This design also helps prevent cracked or broken workpieces from damaging the saw arbor or sawblade.


Min. cutting thickness Short piece : 10mm / Long piece 18mm
Max. cutting width 320 mm
Min. length of cut 80 mm
Short working limit ratio thickness per length 2:5
Max. infeed width 760 mm
Sawblade diameter / Cutting thickness Ø 255 (50), Ø 305 (82), Ø 355 (105), Ø 405 (130) mm
Sleeve diameter (Sawblade bore diameter) Ø 70 mm
Sawblade keyways 20 mm (W) x 2
Distance between keyways 80 mm
Spacing collar diameter / (I.D./O.D.) Ø 70 / Ø 95 mm
Feed spedd (Variable) 6~24 M/min
Spindle speed 3200 RPM
Saw driver motor 50 HP (30 HP , 60 HP , 75 HP  opt.)
Feed drive motor 2 HP ( 3 HP opt.)
Head elevation motor ¼ HP
Dust hood outlet dimensions Ø 152 mm (6”) x 2
Table area (L x W) 1800 x 880 mm
Table height from floor 850 mm
Machine dimensions ( L x W x H ) 2650 x 1500 x 1800 mm
Packing dimensions ( L x W x H ) 2400 x 1800 x 2100 mm
Net weight (  Approx ) 2450 kgs
Gross weight (  Approx ) 2850 kgs
*All specification and design characteristics shown in this catalogue are subject to change without prior notice

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