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1-4 moveable sawblades with lasers.(according to requirement)

*Two operation models : Digital controller or Optimizing program(choose either of the two).

*Stable and accurate material feed.

*3 width model : 350mm / 460mm / 630mm.

*Two operation modes for choosen :

1.Digital controller(D type) : Cut by the memorized sizes of digital controller.

2.Optimizing program: The operator only needs to set a line for total width, then the computer will perform optimized cutting. (According to sizes set on the job

sheet and the priority mode as below)

(1)Big size (Wider size priority)

(2)Same size (Same size priority)

(3)Regular (Fixed size)

(4)Saving (Saving material priority)

(5)Expensive (Highest price priority) (Option)

*Infeed and outfeed tables are options for your requirement. The length can be specified.

  1. Infeed table (Option)

(1)Belt infeed table (with servo fence)

(2)Roller infeed table (with servo fence)

(3)Auto infeed system (width & length scanning, with optimizing program for auto calculating)

  1. Outfeed table (Option)

(1)Belt outfeed table

(2)Roller outfeed table

MODEL GRS-350/460/630M
Sawblade diameter / Cutting thickness Ø 405 (16”)/115mm,

Ø 355 (14”)/90mm,

Ø 305 (12”)/65mm,

Ø 254 (10”)/40mm,

Min. cutting thickness 12mm
Max. cutting width 350/460/630 mm
Max. infeed width 675/785/955 mm
Min. length of cut 690 mm
Feed speed 10~40 M/min
Chain width 380/490/660 mm
Sawblade keyways 20 mm  x 2
Distance between keyways 80 mm
Sawblade spindle diameter Ø 55 mm
Spindle speed 3800 RPM
Saw driver motor 50 HP (60 HP  opt.)
Feed drive motor 3 HP
Pressure roller elevation motor 1/2 HP
Saw arbor elevation motor 1/4 HP
Saw arbor movable servo motor 1HPx1~4
Dust hood outlet dimensions Ø 150 mm (6”) x 2
Table height from floor 890 mm
Machine dimensions ( H x W x L ) (350) 2000 x 1700 x 3115 mm
(460) 2000 x 1810 x 3115 mm
(630) 2000 x 2100 x 4000 mm
*All specification and design characteristics shown in this catalogue are subject to change without prior notice

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