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Hydraulic type high-speed finger joint system

Carriage move speed:22M/22M 3cycle/min

(Calculated by vertical/working size:23MMx50MM)

Standard maximum performance-78pcs/min

EAT-620 Features:

EAT series is the most classical standard hydraulic type. Since 1993, we keep improving this series. Nowadays, it is the third generation. Because the design of greater output pressure, stable driving and economical in cost, EAT is the main product of FURNIMATE for many years.


1.Shaper’s machines body are more stable and parts standardization.

2.Linear slides change in the side of machine, strengthening the stability of the shaper’s move carriage.

3.Enhance the strength of hydraulic cylinder shaft.

4.Saw shaft tube holder to casting, the material is more stable, saw the axis of the material change using Japanese blue steel(Nickel Chromium Molybdenum Alloy Steel JIS G4103-1979), structural change and the same vertical finger spindle, and the drive belt was changed timing belt.

5.Roller conveyor system the roller diameter down to 60mm and increase strength, so that make the short material through more stable!

6.New model of glue applicator, the old system is using air pressure tank change to air cyclinder to squeeze out of glue. That has five times of pressure than air tank output.

7.Finger assembler, front section-in feed device has change to 5 sets of in-indde roller with independent cylinder and yaw press system.

8.Control methods change to HMI control panel

Specification / Configuration 150 mm ~ 800 mm
Working length 25 mm ~ 100(150)mm
Working width 15(12)mm ~ 75 mm
Working thickness 20 M/min 28.8 M/min 28.8 M/min
Vertical type capacity 25 x 60 x 400 15.6 M/min 15.6 M/min 15.6 M/min
Horizontal type capacity 22 x 50 x 350 620 mm
Shaper’s table width 15 KW (18.75KW)
Power of finger spindle 3.75 KW / S(11.25KW/S)
Power of cut-off saw 1.5 KW
Power of scoring saw Hydraulic 2.25 KW ( high speed 3.75KW)
Power of table movement 3(4) / min
Shaper max. cycle speed Single liquid type injection spreader (Roller spreader)
Glue spreader type
Shaper wood cutting monitoring device
Shaper abnormal detection system o
Pneumatic high – speed solenoid valve o
Safety fence device 5M
Finger assembler working length 5.625 KW
Power of feeding inverter 3.75 KW(high speed)
Power of hydraulic pump 3.75 KW
Power of cut-off saw 5
Assembler max. working cycle o
Auto cut-length setting device
Assembler abnormal detection system o
6.5M chain type pre-joint feeding system · ·
Servo fully auto flipper device ·
Infinite finger joint  assembler machine
*All specification and design characteristics shown in this catalogue are subject to change without prior notice


  • = Standard / o(—) = Optional /  – = No configuration  /  F = Fully automatic configuration  /
    H = Configure the pre-joint system / B = Configure rear feeding conveyor system /
    C = Simple Conveyor Configuration / 2L = Double finger assembler configuration

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