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High Spseed Dowel Cross-cut and Chamfering Machine

Model : DCC-220

Capacity: about 7,500-15,000 dowels/hour with infinitely variable speed change.

-The Cross Cutting Machine, Dowel Cutting Machine – DCC-220 is high production, high speed dowel cross-cut and chamfering machine.

-DCC-220 can auto sift out dowel which length insufficient.

-Each spiral fluting, straight fluting, smooth and dowels with dowel cross-cut and chamfering from DCC-220.

-Capacity: about 7,500-15,000 dowels/hour with infinitely variable speed change.

-Cutting length range:30-150mm.

-Accuracy turbine and turbine shaft perform feeding transfer, Iubricating for transfer parts in oil box to increase prolonged the serving life.

-Chamfering cut off and feed drives each with a separate motor.

-The DCC-220 has 2 sets chamfering cutter perform double end chamfering before dowel cross-cut.

-Easy adjustable and save time.

Range of working diameter Ø 6 to Ø 18 mm
Minimum cutting length 30 mm
Maximum cutting length 150 mm
Capacity About 7500-15000 dowels/hour (infinitely variable)
First chamfering motor 1/2HP
Second chamfering motor 1/2HP
Cutting motor 1/2HP
Feed speed 1/2HP
Machine size ( L x W x H ) 1000 x 700 x 880 mm
Machine size ( L x W x H ) 1200 x 930 x 1080 mm
Net weight 390 kg
Gross weight 420 kg
*All specification and design characteristics shown in this catalogue are subject to change without prior notice

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