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  1. The table surface is made up of high ductile cast iron. The cutterhead guard plate is made of HSS steel and vacuum heat treated, hard chrome plated and precision ground for smooth wear resistance.
  2. Elevation, cutter adjustment, lubrication and maintenance are all conveniently processed at the front of the machine, saving time and labor.

3.The feeding sizing adjustment of cutters is done through a numerical display control, allowing for convenient and rapid setting.

4.The machine is equipped with overload protection device for cutters. If an overload occurs, the feeding motor and all cutters will stop within 3 seconds, providing safety to the operator and extending the service life of the machine.

  1. The feeding roller utilizes pneumatic feeding and is coupled with gearbox for synchronous, powerful feeding effect.
  2. The feeding can be operated in jog mode, for accurate and precise test runs.
  3. The table surface adopts newly designed pneumatic lubrication for feeding, for easy feeding of all types of lumber.
  4. The rear lower spindle can be installed with a gang rip saw, flat knife or forming cutter, according to processing needs.
MODEL RH-423 RH-523 RH-623
No. of cutting spindles 4 5 6
Max. moulding height 160 160 160
Max. moulding width 230 230 230
Rev. speed of cutting spindle 7200 R.P.M. 7200 R.P.M. 7200 R.P.M.
Cutting spindle dia. 40 40 40
Cutting head dia. ø100~ø160 ø100~ø160 ø100~ø160
Max. cutting dia. of upper spindle ø180 ø180 ø180
Max. cutting head dia. of rear lower spindle ø255 ø255
6-36m/min (Variable) 6-36m/min (Variable)
Feeding roller dia. ø140 ø140 ø140
Feed roller width 100 100 100
Adjusting range for straight table & guide plate 10 10 10
Straight table length 1500 1500 1500
Elevation adjustment range of vertical spindle 30 30 30
Cross adjusting range of horizontal spindle 30 30 30
Power Required (Standard) HP Front Lower Spindle 7 1/2HP 7 1/2HP 7 1/2HP
Right Vertical Spindle 7 1/2HP 7 1/2HP 7 1/2HP
Left Vertical Spindle 10HP 10HP 10HP
Front Upper Spindle 10HP 10HP 10HP
Rear Upper Spindle 7 1/2HP
Rear Lower Spindle 7 1/2HP 10HP
Machine size 3240x1830x1750mm 3560x1830x1750mm 4220x1830x1750mm
Measurements 3340x1870x2000mm 3660x1870x2000mm 4320x1870x2000mm
N.W./G.W. 2900/3400kgs 3200/3800kgs 3500/4300kgs
*All specification and design characteristics shown in this catalogue are subject to change without prior notice

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